Many local older people are beginning to feel the effect of changes to the Podiatry Services. Some who used to qualify for treatment and support in looking after their feet have suddenly found they no longer meet the criteria.

We realise that the removal of the lower levels of this service could very well result in diminished mobility for many people. This in turn can lead to an increase in isolation and decrease in general well being and health. We want to prevent this.

The Older People’s Forum is concerned that the changes have been instituted by the commissioning body of the Primary Care Trust without reference to the Board. We are currently corresponding with the Care Trust to try to get this decision overturned.

Please sign our petition, available in the Forum office, to add your voice to ours.

Age UK are in the processes of arranging to safely cut the toenails of older people with Type 2 Diabetes. The original agreement they had with the CCG did not allow this. We welcome this new change.