Community Transport

Issues around local transport are always changing and never, it seems, for the better. Please understand that it is difficult to influence private operators such as Transdev who exist to run a profit led business. This is why so many services have diminished or disappeared and we are left with the more profitable routes.

However, as a Forum, we continue to have a dialogue with providers to ensure your voice is heard when changes to bus routes and services affect the daily life of older people.

Community Transport was a door to door transport for disabled people and people over 60 who cannot use public transport. Community Transport was also available for those who do not have immediate access to a local bus service. Passengers booked the Community Transport minibus to pick them up from home and take them to their destination, which must be within the boundaries of the Borough. Community Transport used fully accessible, modern minibuses.

However, it is with great regret that we announce that the future of this service is unstable. As the Borough has had to make several cuts in services to meet its ever shrinking budget, it seems that the future of Community Transport may be in jeopardy. The Borough is due to announce during December 2014 what the next step will be so if you do use this service please look out for the updates on this page.

The Borough is also looking into the use of the bus pass on Travel Assist’s services. We will update you when a decision has been made.

Transport Committee

The role of the Older People’s Forum’s Transport Committee is to keep an eye on local services and support local older people in lobbying to keep appropriate services.

Some successes have been achieved in a few areas but other matters appear to be hanging in the air.

The Committee will continue to monitor transport in the Borough and report back any issues raised to appropriate personnel.

We are currently awaiting clarification on Community Transport, as well as on the regeneration of Blackburn and pedestrian issues.